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Susan Cummings Heath: Some of my fondest memories from my teenage years were Saturday mornings in dance class and at competitions with PC Dancing Arts! Dancing in front of others at the competitions and recitals gave me confidence and a great sense of accomplishment.

Now my daughter is participating in dance at the studio and loves it! Each year after recital she says she wishes she could do it again right away. She is so excited about the competition group and loves the routine. I can see that it has taught her poise and discipline. I am so happy to have her at a studio that has a tradition for teaching girls in the county that share the love of dance.

Stacey Shepherd: Patrick County Dancing Arts Center has been a very important part of my life. It took this shy little girl, who would not even get up to perform during my first parent-observation class, and taught me the grace and confidence that I needed to not be afraid to express myself; which eventually led to the privilege of being a dance instructor. Patrick County Dancing Arts Center also gave me so many wonderful opportunities to study and travel; learning all the different styles of dance. Thank you PCDAC for poise, self-belief, and so much enjoyment!

Amy Collins Fix: Patrick County Dancing Arts Center holds very special memories for all of my family. I started taking dance at age four and completed my training my senior year of high school, but the love of dance still continues and that is due in part to the wonderful instructors at the studio. We had no hesitation in choosing Patrick County Dancing Arts Studio when our daughter MaKayla wanted to take dance. She has been with the studio for 7 years and loves to dance. Cindy Joyce and her staff provide challenging choreography for all their students from the smallest of dancers to the most seasoned dancer. It is a place where your child can feel confident, excited, and learn new styles of dance from ballet, lyrical, modern, pointe, tap, jazz, to hip hop. Come and join Patrick County Dancing Arts Centers Studio-there is something here for everyone and it is a place where dancers dreams do come true!

Amber Scott: I took dance from age 3 until I graduated high school. Dancing was more than just a dance to me. It brought me many lifetime friends and relationships. It also taught me responsibility and always being prepared. The teachers are so inspiring and helpful it made the dance studio an exciting and fun place to be. Without dance, my life would have not been the same. This quote sums up how each dancer should feel:

I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself- Mikhail

Erin Hill: Looking back, all of my favorite childhood memories were of dance!! From learning the dances in the dance studio, trying on our costumes for the first time, having a blast out on the stage performing, to forming friendships that last a lifetime. It taught me me way more than coordination, it taught me how to shine like a star!! Working in the dance studio always brought such a smile to my face, because you can see each little girl is living out her own little fairy tale as she puts on her dance shoes and becomes a true dancer!!

Patrick County Dancing Arts Center

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